Clap When I Clap

by Hunter Gardner

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Clap When I Clap is a handpicked collection of songs, written between 2007 and 2013. Within are stories of love, learning and missed cues. Best enjoyed somewhere slightly south of sober.

They were recorded at BNB Audio Production from May 2013 to July 2014.

Special thanks to Kasey Poliachik, Nicolette Ash, and Cole Kratzer for lending their incredible talents to the project. Thanks to Laura Brentnell (who heard literally every minute revision to every song along the way and still somehow provided helpful feedback), Dan Genung, and everyone else who helped us out with these songs.


released August 26, 2014

Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Brett Scott at BNB Audio Production

Mastered by Bill Henderson

Hunter Gardner - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kasey Poliachik - Vocals (1-5)
Brett Scott - Electric Guitar (1, 5), Lead Guitar (3. 5), Slide Guitar (1, 2, 4), Mandolin (2, 4), Piano (1, 2, 5), Harmonica (3), Bass, Drums, Percussion
Nicolette Ash - Piano (4)
Cole Kratzer - Piano (2)



all rights reserved


Hunter Gardner Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Upperclass Lowlifes
Upperclass lowlifes light their cigarettes too soon
Staying up past midnight, sleeping in all afternoon
Kids love pretending, imitating T.V. screens
Half wasted from stolen drinks and the nicotine
Those upperclass lowlifes, don’t they think they know everything

And they clap for all the wrong things
Like a pianist hitting all the right keys
Ignoring stop signs, burning gasoline

Upperclass lowlifes, don’t drop out of high school
From parent expectations
Quietly they break the rules
College degree, then you get your wedding ring
Upperclass lowlifes
Get pregnant, start a family

Whoa, she loves summer rain
Oh, it’s her excuse to sit inside and drink
Yeah, you’re just a…

Upperclass lowlifes, light their cigarettes too soon.
Track Name: Shut-In Blues (The Curse of Carolina)
If you don’t have a heart, it can’t be broken
No more time, wasted on hoping for someone else
When it’s just yourself

And you can’t miss out if there’s nothing to go to
Spend my time locked up in a bedroom
Please don’t help, I'm better by myself

Oh my God, please have mercy
Got into a car, wound up on a highway
Oh no, Lord I’ll be crashing soon
Headed out, downtown on a subway
Oh no, no, dragging a suitcase
Whoa, no, I got the shut-in blues

Got the curse of Carolina in my bloodstream
Stick around, you'll see what I mean
Get obsessed, but you could probably guess

Breakdown, get out
I’m buried underground

Oh my God, I’m stuck in one place
Gas in my car got’a find me a highway
Oh no, no, I’m howling at the moon
Here I am downtown on Sunday
Oh no, no feelin’ unholy
Whoa, no, no I guess I’ll see you soon
Track Name: Hard Times (Ain't Hard Times With You)
Hard times ain’t hard times with you
I kissed you in a photo booth
You stole my heart, so I took your name
We moved into a bigger place
Picked our favorite colors and painted rooms
Hard times just ain’t hard with you

Well hard times ain’t hard times with you
You can dance and I can, too
It’s just you, me, the Lord above
Our baby bathing in the tub
Proving you can make three from two
And hard times just ain’t hard with you

Well I just don’t know what to do
Got mysteries, ain’t got no clues
Your momma crazy as a bat
Your daddy is a democrat
But they’ll both be dead before too soon
And hard times just ain’t hard with you

Promise me that you’ll be true
You won’t ever leave me sad and blue
The thought of it makes me scared
I’d follow you down anywhere
Hard times would be so damn hard without you

And hard times just ain’t hard with you
Hard times just ain’t hard with you
Track Name: Selfish Man
I was born a selfish man
Told everything was mine
Cause all I need is all you have
But that won’t change my mind

I’ll crash my car to wake you up
In the middle of our ride
But I’ll pull over, check your wrist
Make sure that you’re alive--

Just clap when I clap
Sing what I sing
Believe in the things I believe
But don’t smoke if I smoke
Curtsey when I bow
I need you right here, right now

You can’t love me for the words I didn’t say, that I wouldn’t mean
Though you begged me to, my girl
We got things between you and me, let’s keep them under the covers
We got things between you and me, girl, and the good Lord above us
Track Name: Low
Be squeezin’ coins
From the cushions in my car
Drinkin’ Jim Beam
From a Mason jar
Too drunk for two
In the afternoon
Walking down the street
Broke that Mason jar in two
And threw all my pennies down, just to watch ‘em roll around

You can tell me to be happy now
I will, bring you down

Keeping secrets
At your grandma’s house
Like the time we got stoned
And made out on her couch
We were too messed up
Looking back on it now
But you and me makes two
Then you counted me out

You can tell me to be happy now
I will, bring you

Down, and drown you in
Everything that we once swam in
Track Name: Lost in the Dark On a Hot Train
Well it started in Raleigh, in a room full of thieves
With eyes like magicians, tricks up their sleeves
Their cocaine addictions nearly drove them insane
They were lost in the dark on a hot train
They got lost in the dark on a hot train, yeah

Bought me a ticket to get out of there
Got some angels in Heaven, thank God they’re up there
Cause the Devil had conned me into his ways
I got lost in the dark on a hot train

On a hot train that takes me far away
From the things I should remember
Things I shouldn’t change
Now I’m lost, lost, lost
On a hot train

Told the conductor you got to let me off here
Got some people who love me, taught me to steer
See you don’t need no locomotive to take you away
Yes I hope you understand the words I am saying

If you ever get lost on a hot train…